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Peter R. Mason is the Post Pop Art Man

He creates images from recycled used postage stamps. He is best known for his portraits but he also creates a huge variety of other images from stamps. Explore the website to find out more and view the pictures. Please remember photographs can rarely do justice to the original images.

To contact Pete  email  or follow on facebook

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Lord Sugar

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  • Why not brighten your office or your home with a unique stamp image. Purchase as a gift or rent (where a portion of the payments are deducted from a final purchase price).
  • Pictures can be purchased directly from Pete or through ArtGallery.co.uk who occasionally offer selected pictures at discounted prices for a limited time.
  • Pete is happy to carry out Commissions . Most pictures are created on 3ft (91.4cm) square or 4ft x 3ft (120 x 91.4cm) on quality deep edge box canvas. Other larger sizes can be negotiated depending on the subject matter or the client's preference.

View pictures available for sale through ArtGallery.co.uk

Please pick up the phone

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Whiteley's Queen

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Captain America

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Frank Sinatra

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Girl at the gate

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IndexIn the shadow of Van Goghs Boot

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Index Bridget Riley

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Pete is sponsored by Court Philatelics who offer a wide range of stamps to collectors.





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