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Pete creating a stamp image    Pete with Barack Obama portrait.    Pete with Bruce Forsyth portrait.    Pete with Nelson Mandela Portrait 
Pete at work and pictured with stamp portraits of Barack Obama, Bruce Forsyth and Nelson Mandela
Pete is the Post Pop Art Man and creates images using postage stamps. He is inspired by the Pop Art movement and particularly admires the works of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. His portraits and images are created by recycling postage stamps into pixelated images and designs both figurative and non-representational. Each stamp represents a pixel. By choosing the everyday objects of postage stamps and placing them so that their usual significance becomes obscure enables the audience to see 'Art' with new eyes. In this case he takes ordinary things and combines them in extraordinary ways. Using canvas he draws the image he will produce. He divides the surface on which he is working into stamp sized rectangles, but often uses more than one stamp per grid section. Stamps are sorted by colour, design and postmark pattern, and then begins the process of finding appropriate stamps before cutting and shaping them and finally gluing them to the canvas surface.

He has work owned and commissioned by clients in Australia, France, America and Portugal as well as the UK. More recently he was commissioned by Whiteley’s Shopping Centre in Bayswater, London in 2012 to create a portrait of the Queen to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. This is the largest stamp image Pete has created to date, measuring 10ft by 16ft, using over 30,000 stamps and hung in the Central Atrium within Whiteleys.

Also in 2012 the Sergeant Pepper Diptych was displayed in Ripley’s ‘Believe It or Not’ attraction in London to celebrate the Beatles 50th Anniversary and a portrait of Grace Jones was featured in the Post Colonial Exhibition at the Stanley Gibbons’ flagship store in the Strand, London.

Amongst the work he has created are several portraits of Royal Celebrities, receiving letters of thanks from Buckingham Palace and St. James Palace. He has personally presented portraits to Bruce Forsyth, Tom Baker, and Sir Cliff Richard, together with the sporting personalities, Ron Atkinson and the Ladies England cricket captain, Rachael Heyhoe-Flint. Peter has also featured on several radio programmes and has been invited to Channel Four and ITV television studios meeting Noel Edmonds, Paul O’Grady and Alan Titchmarsh to present them with their portraits.

He has exhibited at the Art Gallery in Tetbury, The Knapp Gallery, London, The Gallery at 94 in London, The Art Lounge and McDermott Galleries in Birmingham and several works have been purchased by Ripley’s Galleries in the USA and are on display in New York, Florida and California.

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  Exhibited at Ripley's 'Believe it or Not' Orlando, Florida, USA

Exhibited at Ripley's 'Believe it or Not' Hollywood, CA, USA
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