The Post Pop Art Man

Homage To Lichtenstein Talk I and Talk II A diptych created from postage stamps.
These two portraits of ‘Girl on the phone’ form a diptych which has been created to coincide with the Tate Modern Exhibition of Lichtenstein’s work. Entitled ‘Homage to Lichtenstein Talk1 and Talk II ‘, they each comprise of approximately 3000 used postage stamps which have been carefully cut, shaped and individually glued to the canvas to create the finished piece. In design they are mirror images of each other but the differences between them can be seen in the colours used. They are based on the Lichtenstein’s comic book painting entitled ‘OHHH… ALRIGHT…’ The completed pictures which are on two separate canvases have been varnished.
Peter Mason is the Post Pop Art Man. He creates unique pictures from recycled used postage stamps. Explore the website to find out more and to see the wide range of pictures available. Among some of his past clients are…..
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Work can also be found on ‘Azutura if you wish to see my stamp art cover the ‘whole’ wall!

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Peter is sponsored by Court Philatelic who offer a wide range of stamps to collectors.

Please remember photographs cannot do justice to the original images.