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Images created from used postage stamps

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If you are interested in making a purchase or commissioning a piece of work to your own specifications please contact Pete by email. Additional detailed images of pictures for sale in the Gallery that interest you can be emailed to you on request or you are welcome to visit the studio by appointment to view the work in person.

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Homage to the Queen

A Big Favour!

  • Right now I need someone who is in charge of or who owns a large indoor public space to help me display my ‘Homage to the Queen’ in her Jubilee year. You can see from the picture above that it is large being 9 times 3ft square and needs to hang on a wall around 12ft by 15ft. A museum, gallery or public foyer would be great. Please contact me if you can help.

Group talks illustrated by postage stamp pictures and objects are also available by contacting the artist by email or phone.

Alpha Romeo Badge reduced to £500

(Porsche badge can now be viewed in Archive 3)


By order of the Peaky Blinders 1500cm x 1500cm £990

3D objects decorated with used postage stamps.

See for Sale: Galleries for more pictures.

Prices on application

More pictures can be viewed in the For Sale: Galleries or you may wish to consider a commission.

Celebrity Portraits (see more on Celebrities page)

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Please remember photographs can never do justice to the size and quality of original work.

Stamps for the images are sponsored by Court Philatelics at