"If they only knew; 04-08-62" Feature

“If they only knew; 04-08-62” 07/10/19

 “If they only knew; 04-08-62” Nothing is more conducive to myth than premature death. Here I have tried to ask my audience to see another side of the paradox which was Marilyn ...

He Sent Flowers - Feature

He sent me flowers 28/09/19

 He sent me flowers In this day and age a criticism of Lichtenstein could be that his portraits of “comic book” heroines is that they have no story as they are ‘stills’ taken ou...

He's coming home- Feature

He’s coming home! 14/08/19

He’s coming home!  In this day and age a criticism of Lichtenstein could be that his portraits of “comic book” heroines is that they are almost invariably in tears as...

Frank Sinatra - talk

Fly me to the Moon 24/07/19

It’s 50 years since man walked on the moon.   The moon has always been a  source of wonder and 50 years ago man took his first steps on the moon’s surface. Man has always been f...


Something different! 18/07/19

The Colour of Sound   Hearing Aid Battery Art for Steven Hale of; Steven Hale Hearing Tel: 0121 308 2550 Website: www.stevenhalehearing.co.uk Providing Quality Hearing &...

Rainbow - Tretchikoff  - Feature

The Rainbow 01/07/19

Tretchikoff – The Rainbow This summer marks the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots and WorldPride 2019. This picture celebrates the progress made in Stonewall campaigns for ...

A Tribute to Mucha

Girl at the Fence 23/06/19

Girl at the Fence ‘Girl at the Fence’ is created from approximately 3000 used postage stamps. It is varnished plus UV protection but must not be hung in direct sunlight.It is ba...

Cornet - talk

Cornet – 14/06/19

 Cornet This work is created from around 3500 used postage stamps. Retro style back to the 1960’s where Blackpool, beach, donkeys and beauty contests evoke knotted hankies on Gra...

Elvis - The Wonder of You - talk

ELVIS-the “KING” in Queens 01/06/19

 ELVIS – “King” in Queens. Using approximately 3000 British and Commonwealth stamps this portrait of Elvis uses a range of blue stamps representing the “Blues&#...

Rocket Man feature

Rocketman 20/05/19

 Rocketman A picture to celebrate the film release of Rocketman a biography of the iconic Elton John. My picture was created in 2013 and is now in the possession of a private client.

Madonna and Child feature

Madonna and Child 19/05/19

Madonna and Child Portrait  Madonna and Child Portrait‘Like a child you whisper softly to me.’and the child replies, ‘I hear your voice, it’s like an angel sigh...

Fran Sinatra feature

Frank Sinatra 17/05/19

Frank Sinatra  This portrait of Frank Sinatra is created from approximately 2500 used postage stamps. The design shows the star with his iconic hat, suit and smile together with ...

Brightest Londinium - talk

Brightest Londinium 03/05/19

Brightest Londinium “Brightest London” by Horace Taylor depicted the London Underground and was created in 1924. Pete’s title for this picture is “Brightest Londiniu...

Tribute to Monika - Cube Triptych

Cubes Triptych – 16/04/19

Tribute to Monika Buch…………………………….. This geometrical triptych was inspired by the work of the Spanish artist Monika Buch.

Tribute to Monika #Cube

Diamond Cube – 09/04/19

 Diamond Cube after Monika Buch………………….. Shirley Bassey was quite right with ‘Diamonds are Forever’ as this one has taken me ages!...