Britannia feature

Britannia 08/01/20

Britannia  As the Sun rises on a new dawn Britannia sends doves across the Channel returning the EU flag to its home. 


Azutura 17/11/2019

Azutura create wall murals.  My collection for Azutura has been used to create striking wall murals. Designs include representations of icons like Queen Elizabeth and David Bowie as well ...

"If they only knew; 04-08-62" Feature

“If they only knew; 04-08-62” 07/10/19

 “If they only knew; 04-08-62” Nothing is more conducive to myth than premature death. Here I have tried to ask my audience to see another side of the paradox which was Marilyn ...

He Sent Flowers - Feature

He sent me flowers 28/09/19

 He sent me flowers In this day and age a criticism of Lichtenstein could be that his portraits of “comic book” heroines is that they have no story as they are ‘stills’ taken ou...